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, showed the large gathering of date gourmets how to prepare a simple yet sensational appetizer using ciabatta bread, Cambozola cheese, Medjool dates, prosciutto, date balsamic vinegar and wildflower honey.The satiating combination of textures and flavors from this small bite really gives this easy recipe a huge bang for the buck.And when we thoroughly understand the shape of the molecule, we can better understand its function and, therefore, figure out how to interfere with it. Rahul Jandial Profession: Brain Surgeon and Neuroscientist, City of Hope LA Interest: Saving lives Highlight: A story about his first patient death: a woman who he kept alive for close to a month, after she was involved in a motor vehicle accident.Initial efforts included drilling into her swollen cranium to give the brain room to breath, thereby preventing brain death.It is just like “speed dating,” but with a more intellectual kind of romance.

At first glance, there is nothing particularly impressive about doing easy and cheap science experiments.Let's see, there was Barhi, Halawy, Khadrawy, and, I'll never forget, Honey.There are so many dates at this Date Fest, you could literally drown in them. Like most people, I knew of only a couple of variety of dates.That's if you chose to dive head first into a crate full of dates and not come up for air, then you could die of date asphyxiation. Really, I knew of one variety, the very popular date called the Medjool.It's hefty with a nice pliable and semi-soft texture and super sweet.