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Denise Graveline is a Washington, DC-based speaker coach who has coached nearly 200 TEDMED and TEDx speakers--including one of 2016's most popular TED talks.

Anthony Weiner is finally coming clean about his double life as a serial sexter – admitting that he has had online affairs with 'hundreds of women' since 2009 and knowingly engaged in at least two explicit video chats with an underage girl.

He also says he should avoid jail time because he became a 'national pariah' after the FBI investigation into his sexting prompted the bureau to reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server just days before the presidential election.

Also, the installation file is quite bulky with 12 MB.

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At the same time, smartphones and the proliferation of social media platforms had begun to transform users' connectivity and frequency of access to online communications.'Anthony - who prided himself on being accessible to his constituents - moved quickly to capitalize on these new technologies, developing a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, and responding to and engaging with members of the public who reached out to him.'Anthony began to exchange texts and other messages with constituents and admirers alike.If you don’t know where that is, use the search tool. The application will download and install automatically on your Android machine, like most other Android apps.The settings are pretty much auto-configured, such that when you launch the app for the first time, you only need to log in with your Skype credentials and you are good to communicate.If you are already using other instant messaging and communication tools on your smartphone, Skype should be OK, but there are cases where people cannot install and use Skype even then.So make you sure you have these: To install Skype on your Android device (phone or tablet), use your device’s browser to go to Skype’s product page on the Android Market.