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His descendants were created dukes of Bourbon in 1327 (see BOURBON), and provided kings of France from 1589.

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The timing of the supposed arrival of Robert from Franconia, assuming that the co-identity is correct, is not ideal either.

Robert's brother Pierre married the heiress of the seigneurie de Courtenay (see CHAMPAGNE - SENS & JOIGNY), although his most prominent descendants were Latin emperors of Constantinople from 1216 until 1261 (see CONSTANTINOPLE LATIN EMPIRE).

Robert, younger son of Louis VIII King of France, was installed as comte d'Artois in 1237, his descendants ruling the county until 1329 (see NORTHERN FRANCE - ARTOIS, BOULOGNE etc.), as well as the county of Eu from 1351 to 1472 (see NORMANDY - ARQUES, AUMLE, CAUX, EU, ROUEN).

Robert's younger brother Charles was invested as king of Sicily by Pope Clement IV in 1265, his descendants continuing to rule in southern Italy until 1435 (see SICILY KINGS) and in Hungary from 1301 to 1387 (see HUNGARY KINGS).

Robert, son of Louis IX King of France, was created Comte de Clermont in 1269, and inherited the seigneurie de Bourbon, by right of his wife, in 1287 (see PARIS REGION - CLERMONT & DAMMARTIN).