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Listening to the stories of the girls in the house, I don’t think they are.

“The boys are so immature at 18, the girls just chew them up,” she says.

And the ones who go wildest usually have “form” back in Ireland.

The immediate, post-exams wave of holidaying teenagers has gone out and back at this stage, but other departures are staggered through July and some leave it until after the results, expected on August 14th.

Magaluf (affectionately known as Shagaluf) in Mallorca is the “in” destination for the class of 2013, while last year it was Ayia Napa in Cyprus.

However, no matter what the backdrop, the scenario is much the same: being young, Irish and over there means, almost inevitably, that copious amounts of alcohol are consumed, with all the associated risky behaviour that fuels.

However, for the rest who wave their teenagers off, it’s a matter of “keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best”, says one Dublin mother.

“Maybe I’m naive but I really don’t think they are having sex all over the place.

The eldest of two girls, she says her father was “not as happy as my mother” about it but he reasoned that she would be off on her own to college a few months later anyway.

There are some things parents are better off not knowing – or even imagining – and the antics of post-Leaving Certificate holidays definitely fall into that category.

In the era of cheap travel and teenagers’ burgeoning sense of entitlement, it has become a rite of passage.

One 18 year old from south Dublin explains how he and a dozen friends booked flights and accommodation in Magaluf as far back as last October, when they heard people from neighbouring schools planned to go there.

“Soon enough many people followed suit as the idea of going to Magaluf spread.” Even at that stage, direct flights to Palma were full or expensive, so they opted to go via London.