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After that, in your download folder, you should see the joined file.

• If you want to speed up the release of the next episode, then provide a link to the MU Raw file.

• Do NOT ask for the files before they’ve been broadcast, that is very frustrating to hear for the encoder since it’s impossible for us.

Wait at least 24 hours after it’s been broadcast before asking about it.

Early jealousy and possessiveness is another classic – one ex had a hissy fit when he found out that my ex boyfriend was helping me with a project at uni – we’d been dating for four days when this happened and lo and behold, he was very controlling and jealous throughout the relationship. (Note: only hardsubs appear on devices such as PSPs) • Before claiming that a file is corrupt, check the size of your downloaded file with the size posted next to the filename or download it again. • If you don’t see the subtitle, then try a different player.You don’t think it’s a bit strange that they’re embezzling their company?The ‘problem’ with picking up on stuff and feeling uncomfortable is that we can fall into the trap of reading this as ‘judgmental’. Hell – sometimes we like to make up the best in people.