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The hope was for a fast return to normal, and that’s largely what has happened in the city at Mile Marker Zero.

Cruise ships are back, the annual keystone event, Fantasy Fest, was a hit, and swarms of visitors are gradually returning to critical mass for Mallory Square sunsets.

If the Legislature agrees, it will be the 17th time since 1992 that millions of dollars intended to lower the cost of housing in Florida will be swept into the general revenue account to fund pet projects, other spending priorities and tax breaks. November 14, 2017 — Housing groups in Texas and Florida are warning that the House GOP tax bill could hurt post-hurricane rebuilding efforts in the U.

S., because the measure eliminates a critical infrastructure financing tool.

Click here for full November 22, 2017 — Thousands of Puerto Ricans are coming into Central Florida each week, and on Wednesday, lawmakers got together in Kissimmee to talk about what can be done to help Hurricane Maria evacuees find housing. Her grandparents just arrived from Puerto Rico six days ago. November 21, 2017 — Cynthia Watkins and her three daughters slept in her 2007 Mitsubishi Galant for nearly two months: Watkins curled up in the driver’s seat, her 12-year-old in the passenger’s seat and her 14 and 18 year olds huddled in the back.

Watkins ‘ journey into homelessness can be hard to understand for those on the outside and even she was caught off guard. She worked part-time at the Kennedy Space Center when she became homeless. November 21, 2017 — The tax reform plan being considered in Congress would harm affordable-housing efforts in Florida and make it harder to repair and rebuild many homes damaged by Hurricane Irma.

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View Case Study Awareness and preparation is key in the fight against DDo S.But amid the frenzy over itemization, individual and family deductions, and the corporate tax rate, one group of vulnerable Americans has been left out of the conversation: the homeless. As the numbers of homeless Americans reach new highs, over 89,500 in New York and 32,000 in Florida on a given night, Congress could be on the verge of exploding this crisis by eliminating one of the biggest tools to fight it, Housing Bonds. December 6, 2017 — Years ago, a far more enlightened leadership in Tallahassee created the William E. Rick Scott and many state lawmakers seem determined to contribute to the problem by diverting millions of dollars from the housing trust funds to other spending priorities, like legislative pet projects and business tax cuts. December 4, 2017 — A proposal seeking to fund affordable housing programs in the wakes of Hurricanes Irma and Maria could be underfunded by Gov. The policy recommendation, submitted by Altamonte Springs Republican state Rep.Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Funds, which uses doc stamp surcharges on real estate transactions to leverage federal and private funds to help develop more affordable housing in Florida. Bob Cortes, was mentioned in passing Monday at the House Select Committee on Hurricane Response and Preparedness meeting.The state’s demand for rental units hasn’t slowed since before the Great Recession.But according to state housing officials, most local governments aren’t using available public money to build affordable rentals.