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And before you say anything about going online, I had a rather terrifying experience with online dating, so I'm not that eager to try it again. I went on an online date once and the woman didn't even wait to get drunk on the date; she showed up hammered and nearly fell down as she sat down at the bar. When you do, make sure you meet in a public place and keep the first date short.Or use a site like Hinge or Tinder, where you can date people who have mutual friends.Cusp of exclusivity: El Quinto Pino — The La Vara team’s teensy Spanish tapas bar is quite charming.Make a reservation in the early evening and let the evening fly by with the help of bottles of wine from the approachable list.The staff and environment (and bathroom) here are so fun it will be easy to avoid talking about this budding relationship.

If the date is going well and spontaneity strikes, buy last-minute tickets to the interactive show downstairs, Sleep No More.

Basically, the location should be an extension of the impression a person would like to convey — and that’s a tall order.

Since Manhattan is filled with restaurants and bars that span these categories, Eater is here to offer a guide to the ultimate date spots in Manhattan.

For the vast majority of my classmates, the highlight of the week is spending the 48 hours of the weekend incomprehensibly drunk. If the number of times you have been "pawed at by drunk classmates or strangers" outnumbers your total number of bad online dates, you might want to reconsider the online scene.

I've been a DD a few times and it's OK, but mostly it's just awkward. I shouldn't have stopped online dating just because that one woman showed up drunk (or because she lied about her age and omitted any mention of her teenage son in her profile, both of which are also true) any more than you should give up on dating in bars, just because one jerk creeped up on you one night. The reason is this: Online dating is tailor-made for people who are looking for something specific.