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The new show, called Secret Admirer, is being filmed at the moment and will air later this year.A source said: “Everyone is harbouring a secret crush for someone in their lives — and now Channel 5 is giving willing participants the opportunity to reveal their true feelings.It is one of the most moving displays of love, in recent memory.That the couple at the heart of this film are 80-plus year old, bourgeois, retired French-speaking music teachers is surprising.Almost inevitably however, and especially given with the subject matter, he has restrained his somewhat acerbic style and delivered a film that is superlatively honest and sincere in all it's creative aspects.He has given an honest appraisal of a tender human relationship that should move even the most dispassionate viewer by the often unflinching humanity displayed on screen.That their story speaks to so many audiences worldwide regardless of their age and culture should not be, it simply reflects the universal emotions at the core of this film told with great honesty and sensitivity.Ironically, as the title suggests, this is (not) another love story.

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I watched this at the Sydney Film Festival in June, about a month after it's premiere in Cannes in May for which it deservedly won with enthusiastic reception.CHANNEL 5 has never been afraid of an outrageous show concept.Strip Date allowed lonely hearts to decide exactly what their dates were wearing, while Sex Pod saw people share their most personal X-rated ­questions and woes.The Naked Jungle, which started them all off, starred KEITH CHEGWIN and contestants in the nude.And now the channel is going even further — shacking up teachers and lecturers with their former students.