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Read full article [ close ] At-home STI tests might seem like a good idea – they don't require health insurance or departure from the privacy and comfort of one's home.

They're convenient and could be more cost-effective than a trip to the doctor's office. Read full article [ close ] At-home STI tests might seem like a good idea – they don't require health insurance or departure from the privacy and comfort of one's home.

Read full article [ close ] The more time we put into a relationship, the more we learn about our partner.

Some revelations can be as small as learning that your partner had a sixth finger as a child.

Read full article [ close ] India is firing dozens of foreign-funded health experts working inside the government, seen as part of a broader clampdown to reduce the influence of non-government organisations (NGOs) on policy.

He replaces Stephen Lee, who left Ora Sure in 2014 and is now an independent consultant in the field of In Vitro diagnostics.

They're convenient and could be more cost-effective than a trip to the doctor's office. Read full article [ close ] As HIV testing continues to grow and expand throughout the United States, there are a number of institutions providing services to those looking to get checked for the virus.

If anonymous testing is a priority, there are also a number of options so that one can avoid having to ask their family doctor.

Read full article [ close ] Mali has increased vigilance along its border with Guinea, where Ebola has likely killed four people after re-emerging in the country's south, reports said on Thursday.In Malawi, many people didn't get tested for HIV before because that meant visiting a clinic – but they didn't want health officials to know their status.Read full article [ close ] A quick swab of the gums and people know their test results.S., Russia Agree on Cease-Fire for Syria - The New York Post 2/23/2016 - Russia wants to fly hi-tech spy planes over U. - CBS News 2/22/2016 - NJ Cuban-Americans Speak Out Against Obama Visit - Politicker 2/19/2016 - Hospital explains decision to pay ransom to hackers - CBS News 2/18/2016 - Apple refuses to unlock phone of San Bernardino terrorist - WREG News 3 Memphis 2/17/2016 - Supreme Court Memorializes Justice Antonin Scalia - The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal 2/16/2016 - Without Antonin Scalia, what’s next for the Supreme Court? S.-Bound Trucks On Mexican Soil - CBS Dallas Fort Worth 1/12/2016 - In final State of Union, Obama aims to define his presidency - Associated Press 1/11/2016 - The story behind the tent on Alabama’s football sideline - USA Today 12/18/2015 - Merry Christmas – back on Jan.- CBS News 2/12/2016 - Presidents Day 2016 2/11/2016 - Moscow warns US over missile system deployment to S. ending elephant acts - AP at The New York Post 1/14/2016 - 2016 State of the State addresses 1/13/2016 - U. 11 12/17/2015 - Congress Poised to Lift Oil Export Ban - The Texas Tribune 12/16/2015 - Secret Policy Blocks Agents From Looking at Social Media of Visa Applicants - ABC News 12/15/2015 - U. Army changing dog tags for first time in 40 years - CNN and Army Times 12/14/2015 - GOP preparing for contested convention - The Washington Post 12/11/2015 - Hero soldier who lost all his limbs finds purpose inspiring other amputees - New York Post 12/10/2015 - Study: chemicals in e-cigs linked to lung disease - 12/9/2015 - Trump: Ban all Muslim travel to the U. - Reuters 12/8/2015 - Largest destroyer built for Navy headed to sea for testing - The Boston Herald 12/7/2015 - Google accused of spying on students in FTC privacy complaint - The Wall Street Journal 12/4/2015 - American WWII vet becomes first soldier honored for saving Jews - CBS News 12/3/2015 - Joint Chiefs chairman: ‘We have not contained’ ISIS - The Hill 12/2/2015 - Obama Ignores ‘Wrap-It-Up’ Beeps, Talks and Talks at Climate Summit - NBC News 12/1/2015 - Ben Carson meets with Syrians at refugee camps in Jordan - Yahoo News 11/30/2015 - Casinos Seek Labor Law Exemption - The Wall Street Journal 11/23/2015 - Thanksgiving 2015 11/20/2015 - Rising Rates Pose Challenge to Health Law - The Wall Street Journal 11/19/2015 - Paris Attacks Fuel Debate Over Spying - The Wall Street Journal 11/18/2015 - Republicans to Obama: Keep Syrian refugees out - CNN 11/17/2015 - CIA chief warns Islamic State may have other attacks ready - Reuters 11/16/2015 - Army captain who tackled suicide bomber gets Medal of Honor - New York Post 11/13/2015 - Calorie counts on menus aren’t working, new research shows - Politico New York 11/12/2015 - Obama’s executive action on immigration blocked - Associated Press 11/11/2015 - Veterans Day 2015 11/10/2015 - Obama kills the Keystone Pipeline - Reuters 11/9/2015 - Bernie Sanders Takes Gloves Off Against Hillary Clinton - The Wall Street Journal 11/6/2015 - TX Governor Abbott issues warning over immigrant detentions - Reuters and IB Times 11/5/2015 - Weapons smuggled past TSA screeners with ease: officials - New York Post 11/4/2015 - Republican Campaigns Take Greater Control Over Debate Formats - NPR 11/3/2015 - Voters Weigh Taxes, Wages and Legalizing Pot - The Wall Street Journal 11/2/2015 - U. to deploy special forces to Syria in about-face for Obama - London's Daily Telegraph 10/30/2015 - Walmart seeks to test drones for home delivery, pickup - Reuters 10/29/2015 - Why NYC is banning synthetic marijuana - CBS News 10/28/2015 - Angry China shadows U. warship near man-made islands - Reuters 10/27/2015 - Russian subs near undersea cables concerns U. - London's Daily Mirror and The NY Times 10/26/2015 - 24 states sue Obama over coal plant emissions rule - The Hill 10/23/2015 - Marijuana use, disorders doubled since 2001 - Reuters 10/22/2015 - HS students arrested for hacking into school computer system - NY's WPIX11 TV 10/21/2015 - Carson, Trump request Secret Service protection - AP and CNN 10/20/2015 - Drone Close Calls Spur Government to Require Registration - ABC News 10/19/2015 - Mc Donald’s franchisees say all-day breakfast is a nightmare - Business Insider 10/16/2015 - POWs visit Japan for 70th anniversary of the end of World War II - Daily Mail and AP 10/15/2015 - Supreme Court tells lawyers: Stand in line yourselves.