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A woman she knew told her that she could make a lot of money stripping in a bar.“A good week, if you worked most of your days, you could make about ,000 or more,” says Stephanie.I have three sons and one woman, and I have been a living example all his life of what a man should be in a family. He has a heightened consciousness of who he is as a man, and I always tell him the decisions you make you have to live with short and long term.I don’t style it as a mistake; I style it as something that can be a gift for him and the young lady.” Though he is far from the worst behaved NFL player to set foot on the field, Newton is finding it difficult to fully embrace the Kingdom of God.They were sitting in chairs, standing, and moving about. I saw these girls, and they looked like death warmed over. It was like I could literally feel the darkness within me rising up. At that one moment God set me free of every spirit, every demonic force that I had made a choice to open a door to.” This time Stephanie made a total commitment to the Lord. “The Lord gave me a vision of what He had called me to. “There’s a particular song called ‘My Redeemer Lives,’ and I actually interpret that.It was like the Lord just opened it up, and He showed me.” Stephanie knew what she needed to do. I remember going down front, and I don’t even know how I got there. It’s mainly to be used for others that are in darkness, to break those chains, to speak life over them. He’s a life-giver.” God left no area of Stephanie’s life untouched. I remember listening to that song, and it was just so powerful to me.

But from an article on , we find that Cam comes from a strong Christian background.It just spoke of everything that I had come out of -- for everything that I had been through and what God had done in my life.” God has filled the voids in Stephanie’s life that alcohol, drugs and money could never satisfy. “I saw the darkness that she was brought out of, and I see the light and anointing that the Lord has put upon her,” says Lance.“You give yourself to men or drugs or those things of the world, and God created you to give yourself to Him. He is your Father, and He’s not gonna turn you away.His truck was hit by a car as Newton drove through an intersection causing his truck to roll.Newton missed only one game due to a minor lower back fracture.