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Many young girls later came forward and thanked the unidentified young man for killing Mike.

Source: National School Safety Center's Report on School Associated Violent Deaths; A visitor to this website On a winter's morning, Michael Carneal, 14, walked into the school and calmly pulled out a .22-caliber Ruger Mark II semiautomatic pistol.

This happened in front of Luella Bivins' home on Owens Avenue.

Gary stumbled up to her steps asking for help and as her daughter called 911, Gary fell off the porch into some bushes and died. Source: The Florida Times-Union - Two Students Shot, 1 Dead; National School Safety Center's Report on School Associated Violent Deaths; The Florida Times-Union - Man Jailed in Slaying, Shooting Near Ribault Mike Logsdon, 47, was sitting in his van in front of Creekside Elementary School today waiting to pickup his six-year-old child.

Benjamin Strong, the leader of the prayer group, talked the deranged Michael into dropping the gun. I can't believe I did that." Ironically, the day before Michael had warned Benjamin not to be at school that day, but Benjamin was and was able to stop the bloodshed.

He entered the commons area of Pearl High and opened fire with a .30-.30 Marlin hunting rifle.

He killed Lydia Drew and Christina Menefee, his former girlfriend. As he tried to flee in his mother's car, an assistant principal rammed his own car into Woodham's.

The first ever school shooting in Manatee County happened here at Lincoln Memorial Middle School.

For an undisclosed reason, 13-year-old Brandon Lee Hartsoe fired upon Trent Murray. Brandon was charged with attempted second-degree murder and possession of a firearm on school grounds, both of which he pled no contest to.